Full Count is the Perfect Baseball Book

Full Count is the perfect book for any baseball fan if you want to know what goes through the mind of one of the smartest pitchers. 

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The Art of pitching is an extremely overlooked and underappreciated science, In Full Count, David Cone details the absolute beauty and complexity of what goes into being a Major League pitcher through his storytelling and analytics. Countless personal story baseball books have been written, but none are as personal and informative as Full Count. David Cone, throughout the book, details his experiences throughout his entire career, from the minor leagues, going up with the Royals, and most importantly his time with the Yankees and his Perfect Game. What sets apart Full Count from all other sportsbooks is the attention to detail David Cone shares these stories.  The most captivating part of the book would have to be his first start back after having a life-threatening aneurysm. In that part, David Cone details the amount of fear and anxiety he had as well as pitching with more emotion than he ever has and how difficult that was on him.  Throughout the book, cone talks about pitches he threw in detail that you are not used to hearing and it truly gives the reader a bigger appreciation for these athletes.  and finally, the recount of his perfect game is truly captivating as being one of the only men ever to pitch a perfect game being able to feel like you are beside him and experiencing it with him and feeling the emotions he felt truly sets this book apart. This book is not only perfect for Baseball fans but for anyone who is interested in having a personal recount of stories of one of the most well-known pictures and smartest players to ever play the game.  Full Count truly comes off as not only a baseball book but a scientific book on The Art of pitching that most people overlook

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