Yankees: What Free Agents are Left?

The Yankees are quiet so far this offseason, but here are some names that the Bombers may make some noise about.

As we know, the New York Yankees have yet to make a significant move this winter. As a work stoppage inches closer, many teams across the league have been improving themselves via the free-agent market, but the Bombers seem hesitant to make such a move. Now, with Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, Max Scherzer, Javier Baez, and other big names off the board, what free agents are left for the Bombers?

Carlos Correa

Ah yes, the crown jewel. Many looked at Carlos Correa to be the best free agent on the market entering the offseason, and while many of his fellow peers have inked new deals, Correa is one of the rare free agents still left to be signed. We know the Yankees entered the offseason targeting a shortstop, they still have to fill that hole, so Correa still makes a ton of sense.

Many Yankee fans may be hesitant about the villain joining the Yankees due to his role in the 2017 Astros cheating scandal, but there’s no doubt Correa is an absolutely fantastic player. He’s put up good season after good season, and 2021 was no different. This past year, the shortstop hit .279 with 26 home runs and 92 RBI, as well as notching a .366 on-base percentage. Another thing about Correa is that he has a ton of postseason experience already tallying 79 games in his postseason career. To top it all off, if the Yankees did indeed sign Correa, they’d be able to say bye-bye to their defensive woes at shortstop, as Correa took home the Platinum Glove in 2021.

Trevor Story

Story is another name out on the market who has drawn a fair share of interest. The shortstop seems primed to leave Colorado, but had a down year in 2021, slashing just .251/.329/.471. He also blasted 24 homers and drove in 75. Story’s down season however may help any team that signs him heavily. Obviously, his value has dropped due to his 2021 season, but prior to that, the Texas product was in line for a huge payday. in 2019, the last full season of baseball we had, Story hit .294 with a .363 OBP. He had an OPS of .917 — a career-high — while smashing 35 dingers.

Story is only 29 and will almost certainly get a shorter and cheaper deal than Correa. If the Yankees don’t want to go all the way with the former, Story would add some good speed, athleticism, and power to a team that needs it at short.

Freddie Freeman

The Yankees have been snooping around the idea of making a run for A’s first baseman Matt Olson, but if that deal doesn’t come to fruition, Freddie Freeman would be a very nice alternative for the Bombers.

Freeman has established himself as one of the premier first basemen in baseball. Although he is a little older — he’ll be 33 next September — the Atlanta star still puts up dominant numbers year in and year out. This season, Freeman hit .300 with a .393 OPS with 31 homers. On top of that, he was a huge piece for Atlanta in the World Series run, getting on base at a .420 clip with five long balls in the postseason.

What Will the Yankees Do?

I’ll try and be the voice of reason here and I believe the Yankees will make at least one really significant move at some point this offseason. Unfortunately, that may have to wait, given the impending work stoppage. It doesn’t seem like New York will get anything done before the CBA expires, but once that issue gets resolved, the Yanks may be ready to roll. Perhaps even a starting pitcher could and should be in play, based on New York’s previous interest in Justin Verlander

One thing I will say, however, is this: the Yankees must make moves ahead of next season. After a disappointing 2021, the fanbase is hungry to seriously compete for a World Series title, and the front office should be, too.

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