Yankees: Five Underrated FA Starting Pitchers

Jon Gray's lackluster performance can't be explained away by FIP - Beyond  the Box Score
Aaron Doster

Jon Gray

Many executives expected the Rockies to deal the 30-year-old at the deadline this past season, but bizarrely they decided to keep him and then not offer him a qualifying deal. With the direction the Rockies are headed, it seems that Gray’s time in Colorado is over. Gray’s numbers don’t jump off the page, but in 29 starts he had an xERA of 3.95, as well as a FIP of 4.22. Gray has spent his entire career pitching in the notoriously unforgiving climate of Coors Field, and could see a sharp improvement in his numbers post-Colorado. While he’s never reached the 200-inning threshold, he can consistently give you over 150 innings per year. While Gray uses a 4-pitch mix, his fastball, and slider are used almost exclusively. The fastball averaged 94.9 miles per hour in 2021, which is almost a full tick higher than in 2020. His fastball does get hit harder than usual, but he does a great job of inducing ground balls. His slider is his best pitch, producing a whiff rate of 38.8%. Working with pitching coach Matt Blake, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees can unlock the potential of his curveball and changeup.

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