A Clint Frazier Post-Mortem

The New York Yankees released Clint Frazier yesterday, marking a disappointing end to his tenure in the Bronx.Featu

Earlier today, the New York Yankees released a pair of hitters in Clint Frazier and Rougned Odor. While Odor didn’t have an exactly long stay in Pinstripes, Frazier made his debut with the Yankees way back in 2017, and now is on the open market and is free to sign with anyone the offers him a contract. Assuming that Frazier is as good as gone and has played his last game as a Yankee, let’s take a look back at Red Thunder’s New York tenure.

Frazier Debuts in 2017

After being traded to the Yankees in 2016 in exchange for Andrew Miller, Frazier made his Debut in 2017 against the Astros. He played in only 39 games and only hit .231 with a .268 on-base percentage and four home runs. However, he did have some big hits in his rookie year, including a walk-off homer against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Injury Issues

With the Yankees, Frazier had a handful of pretty significant injuries. In 2018, he dealt with a concussion that knocked him out for the majority of 2018. He also dealt with an ankle sprain in 2019 and ultimately came down with vertigo in 2021. Frazier never played more than 69 games in a season, which was in 2019. Albeit, a lot of time missed was time sent in Scranton, where the Yankees simply chose to not give Frazier a chance in the bigs.

Breakout Season

Frazier seemed to be on the right track in 2020. In the shortened season, Frazier hit .267 with a .394 OBP with eight homers and 26 RBI. Not only was his hitting strong, but his fielding improved from 2019, too. Besides 2020, Frazier looked solid in the year prior, as well. He hit for the same average, but only had a .317 OBP. However, he had a career high in home runs with 12 and RBI with 38. He also had an .806 OPS.

Final Season in Pinstripes

As mentiomed earlier, Frazier suffered from vertigo in 2021, resulting in him only playing in 66 games. He only hit .186 with a .317 on-base percentage and hitting five dingers.

What’s Next?

Now, with a 40-man roster set and the CBA expected to expire on December 1, The Bombers have a lot of work to do in the next week. It’s believed that the Yankees are targetting a shortstop and perhaps some arms, so don’t be surprised if New York makes a move, as minor as it may be, ahead of December. We know the Yankees were in on Justin Verlander, so we know they have serious interest in pitchers.

All that said though, time is not on the Yankees’ side, as we’re heading for a lockout next week. If New York wants to make a move, they gotta act fast.

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