Yankees: Ranking The Top 5 Free Agent Shortstops

#1- Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa. Baseball’s #1 villian. The public enemy. The now former Houston Astros shortstop has become one of baseballs “bad boys” over the last few years. His energy, swagger and confidence is unrivaled.

Correa is somebody who I would love to have on my team, and not just because of his personality. He is arguably the best shortstop in the league at the moment. Correa is the perfect blend of elite defense and elite hitting.

Carlos Correa
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Correa put together yet another phenonomal season in 2021. The slugging shortstop batted .279, belted 26 homers and 92 RBI’s, OPS of .850, and had a wRC+ of 115. Correa ranked 8th in the MLB when it comes to wRC+ according to FanGraphs.

His Savant page also shows a lot of fantastic numbers, but there are too many for me to list. You can check them out here. Correa is known for his very productive offense and clutch hitting in big situtations. Us Yankee fans have seen him destroy us like this quite a few times.

Correa’s defense is even more of a plus. He had 21 DRS last season. 21 defensive runs saved is certainly phenomonal, and he is definetley near the top of the league in that category. A 2.9 UZR just adds to the fantastic defensive stats that Correa puts together year after year.

Carlos Correa posseses everything that the Yankees need. From his play on the field to his energy and swagger, it is exactly what the Yankees have needed for years. He is one of the best shortstops in baseball, defensivley and offensivley. He puts up elite numbers each season at the plate and in the field. The Yankees need that blend of elite offense and defense from a shortstop and Correa fits that bill.

Correa is hated by baseball fans throughout the league due to his involvement in the 2017 Houston Astros cheating scandal and for the emotion and energy he brings each game. The Yankees need a hated player like Correa. The Yankees need a villian. Carlos Correa is the one piece the Yankees need to officially bring back the Evil Empire the Yankees once were.

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