Yankees: Ranking The Top 5 Free Agent Shortstops

The Yankees are in need of a shortstop after Gleyber Torres regressed, with the market saturated with shortstops, who is the best available?

As we all know, the World Series has come to a close which means we are officially in the offseason. The New York Yankees yet again fell short of their goal in winning a World Series. There is a lot of uncertainty and a few question marks heading into this offseason, so what are the Yankees going to do?

Yeah, they can upgrade in various spots. Catcher, Center Field, Starting Pitching, etc. But in this article, we are going to be focusing on shortstops.

Fans have been discussing the Yankees picking up a new shortstop since early in the 2021 season. Gleyber Torres was not as good as we expected him to be, defensively and offensively.

The Yankees are in need of a shortstop, and fortunately for them, there are a lot of good options in the 2021 free-agent market. Let’s take a look and rank the star-studded shortstop class.

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