Yankees: Joey Gallo Needs to Heat Up

The Yankees are getting hot at just the right time, but they need Joey Gallo to step up as soon as possible.

As we hit the home stretch of the MLB Season, the Yankees have just a mere five games to play before the postseason starts. They are currently 2.0 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox for the first Wildcard and hold a three-game lead overall for either playoff spot. Quite frankly, the team looks great right now. The Bronx Bombers have won seven straight ball games, most of which have been in pretty convincing fashion. Both good pitching and the hitting, albeit from fairly unlikely sources, have been provided. If the Yankees do want to have a sustained run in the postseason, however, they’re going one of their best power hitters to step up: Joey Gallo.

Gallo’s 2021

Overall, Gallo provides a mixed bag as a player. He isn’t the type of hitter that is going to hit for a very high batting average, as he’s hitting just a mere .200 on the season. However, he provides immense power, as he’s struck 38 balls over the fence this year, leading the Yankees. On top of that, Gallo has an incredible ability to work the count and draw walks, as he’s done 110 times this season, which leads the American League. His On-base percentage sits at a very impressive .352 through 148 games.

Looking beyond the batters’ box, Gallo is a very, very strong defensive outfielder. He has 13 defensive runs saved this season and has a powerful and accurate arm, too. For the most part, Gallo’s the complete package. The only thing that would give anyone pause is his tendency to strike out. This season, Gallo has K’d 208 times, which leads all of MLB

Since Joining the Yankees…

The Yankees acquired Gallo and Joely Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers for a package of four prospects. Since arriving in New York, he hasn’t played his best ball, hitting just .159 with a .304 OBP. Thankfully, the power is still more than present, as he’s hit 13 homers in 53 games with the Bombers.

Gallo did get hot for a little bit a few weeks ago, where he hit seven homers in 11 games. This proves the idea that Gallo, at any time, can get hot and be an absolute powerhouse offensively, just like Giancarlo Stanton

Above all else, however, is that the Yankees need Gallo to desperately get hot again. When he’s performing, he has the potential to provide so much depth to a lineup that is already very right-handed heavy. Assuming the Yankees do indeed lock up a postseason spot, they’ll need all the help they can get if they want to go the distance.

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