Yankees Need To Sweep Boston

The Yankees have a huge three game series against the Red Sox’s starting on Tuesday, it could be the difference in the season.

The Yankees are coming off a series win against the White Sox’s in which they could have swept if Aaron Boone didn’t bring in Zack Britton.  The Yankees have shown the ability to come back in games recently, something they haven’t shown for a while. The 9th inning of the Field of Dreams game showed that the team can come back and won’t fold, but their manager lost the game for them.

Zack Britton
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The team finished the year 5-1 against White Sox’s, which shows that if they play them in the playoffs they can totally go toe to toe. It is even more impressive about this series win as the Yankees are down some key players and continue to embrace the next man up mentality.

The Bombers have a prime opportunity to leap the struggling Redsox’s and finally get back into a playoff spot, the only person that can hold them back is Aaron Boone himself.  The Redsoxs have been really bad since the allstar break and the Yankees have been red hot. If the team folds again and allow the redsoxs to either win the series or sweep the Yankees, then it is time to call the season over.

The time is now and they need to take advantage of it.

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