The Yankees Are Finished

The Yankees have dropped the final game of a four game series against Boston and it almost puts the nail in the coffin for the Yankees season.

Since early May, Yankee fans have been saying that it is only a matter of time before the Yankees put it all together. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months and there were no real signs of the Yankees being “back”. It is July 25th and the Yankees just blew a four run lead in the 8th against the Redsoxs. 

It has been a failure from the first game of the season and something always seemed off. Gleyber Torres for the entire year has once again failed to return to his 2019 form and doesn’t hit for power anymore. Gleyber Torres is one of many players that have failed to play like they are expected to and it is one of the main reasons the Yankees won’t do anything this year.

DJ LeMahieu
Source: Getty Images

DJ LeMahieu is another players who has underperformed more than anyone could imagine. DJ has become LeGroundout as it seems every game he is grounding out to second or short, instead of getting multi hit games. We are paying him for the next six years and hopefully this is just an off year.

The Yankees instead of winning  have found  a new favorite thing to do in a game and that is hitting into double plays, that may be the only thing they lead the league in.

Nothing will fix the Yankees this year and at the end of the season there needs to be changes up and down starting with kicking Aaron Boone to the curb. Boone was gifted with a great team as a first year manager and hasn’t done anything with it and has wasted four years of the window. 


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