The Yankees Need A New Closer

Aroldis Chapman blown another save today, and there is no sign of it getting better but the Yankees need to take him out of that role.

Aroldis Chapman has just blown another save, this time giving up a game-tying home run to Pete Alonso. This is the second game in almost a week that Chapman has blown and he has looked awful since just before the spider tack crackdown. The Yankees need to move away from Chapman as the closer and relegate him until he figures it out.

Aroldis Chapman
Source: USA Today

The fact that Aaron Boone decides to take out Chad Green when he threw two pitches, two pitches. should be a fireable offense. I understand that you want to have Chapman figure it out, but the Yankees are not in the position to figure things out in-game. The Yankees are like the Titanic, sinking. 

The more and more the Yankees keep putting Chapman in the 9th, the more they are going to lose. Even before the crackdown on substances, Chapman had stopped throwing his splitter which was making him unhittable.

It is up to the Yankees to figure this out, but the entire staff is incompetent so nothing will happen.

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  1. taking Green out of the game and bringing in Chapman was utterly reasonable

    and ranting about it is not.

    Boone HAD to go with the hand that he was dealt and this iteration of the Yankees is dependent upon getting brilliant work from Chapman.

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