The Yankees Are Not A Playoff Team

The Yankees once again dropped a series against the Red Sox and are on the verge of getting swept, but is this Yankee team a playoff team?

Despite what the record shows, the Yankees are playing like a 4th place team and truly are not playing good baseball. After winning 7 of 9 in the Bronx and taking 2/3 from the A’s, the Yankees seemed like maybe they were turning the corner. They aren’t and right now are not a playoff team.

Aaron Judge
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The season has felt off since it began, the Yankees always start slow but seem to shake it off after the first series or two. They haven’t shaken off anything this year and continue to somehow win. When faced with actual good teams they either fold or sneak away with wins. 

The Yankees’ power output has been down this year. DJ has yet to look like his 2019/2020 self, Gleyber Torres continues to regress and slump. One of the only positives this season is the return of the real Gary Sanchez.  

The big problem with the Yankees is they lead the league in GIDP as well as they are one of the worst teams in driving in runs. 

Against Boston, the Yankee’s righties can’t seem to even hit the righty pitchers, but they still don’t need a lefty bat according to management. 

The Yankees with the team they have right now will not make the playoffs as we are still waiting for them to turn the corner and it is almost July.



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