The Yankees Need To Fire Aaron Boone

The Yankees lost to the Red Sox last night in a game where they were outmatched, but when is it time to start calling for Aaron Boone’s job?

The Yankees are really bad right now and there are no signs points to things getting any better anytime soon. The Yankees can’t hit, the pitching is doing its best to hold it down but the offense needs to score more than three runs a game.

Aaron Boone
Source: Getty Images

The Yankees hired Aaron Boone, a few months after they were sent home by the Astros in game seven of the ALCS. They were one win away from going to the World Series and Girardi was not brought back. This was the biggest mistake the Yankees have made in years.

They hired Aaron Boone over other people and it is the reason the Yankees haven’t done much since he was hired. Aaron Boone is not a good manager, he has no fire and is more worried about being the players’ friend than being a good manager. He was given a team with two MVP’s and hasn’t done a single good thing.

When the team has been struggling Boone has been giving the same answer each time and it is finally time for him to get fired as the window to win is starting the close.

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