What is Going On With The Yankees?

The New York Yankees are playing like a bottom 10 team right now and are a game away from being swept by the Tigers, but what is truly wrong?

The Yankees are really bad right now, there is no other way to say it. They are not scoring, they aren’t doing anything right. Yesterday’s 6-1 loss to the Tigers tells the story. They had bases loaded and no outs in the second inning and what happens? Well a double play, of course. The Yankees also lead the league in GIDP.

Not only do they lead the league there but they have grounded into a total of nine double plays with the bases loaded. No other team has more than four.

Aaron Judge
Source: Getty Images

The outfield, besides Judge, has been awful. Clint Frazier and Brett Gardner can’t get hits to save their lives and because of the injury to Voit, Mike Ford gets to play almost every day.

The Yankees committed to DJ long-term this offseason and he has rewarded them by regressing a lot. D.J. has been bad compared to what fans are used to seeing from him. He is grounding out a lot, especially in clutch spots, and is lacking the killer instinct we know he has.

The power we are used to seeing from this team has disappeared, players like Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier can’t seem to hit the ball out of the park. D.J. Lemahieu also can’t seem to hit for extra-base hits anymore and the Yankees truly seem flat and lifeless.


  1. The Yankees “Junto” Virus has now infected DJ and Stanton where they watch 1st and 2nd strikes and then flail at 3rd. Need a Giddens vaccine in double doses.

  2. Jesus, now Judge contracted the “Junto” Virus that patient zero (Gardner) has exposed the entire Team to.

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