Yankees: Who is this New Gleyber Torres?

Gleyber Torres has finally turned it around for the Yankees over the past two weeks, but without the power output, we are used to seeing.

Gleyber Torres, since his callup in 2018, has been one of the most important players for the Yankees. When he is hitting well the Yankees are winning games. This is why his early struggles last year hurt the Yankees during the middle part of the season.

Gleyber Torres
Source: Getty Images

The same thing has happened this season as Torres was in an awful slump to start 2021 and it was looking like he was the same as last year. Since his return from the covid IL, Gleyber Torres has been one of the leading hitters for the Yankees and has single handily won both games against the White Sox.

What makes Torres different this year is he is doing all of this damage without the usual power we are used to seeing from him. After his 2019 season in which he smashed 38 home runs, we were all expecting Torres to continue to smash homers at a high rate, but since then we haven’t seen it at all.

This new version of Gleyber Torres is exactly what the Yankees need. At the end of the day, he will hit 25+ home runs, but this new contact-oriented Torres is what he was projected to be as a prospect. Whether it was the juiced ball or teams not knowing how to pitch to him, Torres doesn’t look like the same 35+ homer hitter anymore.

If Gleyber can be this contact hitter that can give you 25+ homers, the Yankees will be even deadlier.

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