How worried should we be about Giancarlo Stanton?

Unfortunately, the injury bug has bit Giancarlo Stanton again. Should Yankee fans be worried about the latest IL addition?

The hottest hitter on the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, has once again landed on the 10 day IL which seems like a yearly occurrence at this point. Stanton must be frustrated with contracting the injury bug every year. It’s almost as if the Baseball Gods punish him for playing great baseball.

Stanton and the Injury Bug

As YES Network reported early in the game last night, Stanton will not undergo an MRI and will instead rehab his quadriceps injury. While I am no doctor, wouldn’t it be best to get a full diagnosis on the injury at hand? Stanton has had major injuries over the years from hamstrings to torn biceps to calf injuries. There must be a lingering issue that someone is not picking up every offseason. A DH should not be out for a significant amount of time every year. Either his workout regimen should change or he has to take a game or two off every other series.

Personally, I do not believe Stanton is back after 10 days of rest. If they want to keep him out for a longer period of time so he is healthy for the majority of the year, so be it. They need him for the stretch run at the end of the year more than they need him now. However, there is always that comfort knowing he is your DH while every potential at-bat can become an earth-shattering hit. Stanton has been nothing short of fantastic this year and to have an abrupt stoppage in his play is demoralizing. The starting pitching has finally figured it out for the most part and the 1-4 in the lineup was starting to come around and string together good game after good game.

Yankees Need to Step Up

Having looked lifeless in Monday nights stinker, the bat of Giancarlo Stanton is sorely missed. He brings such a swagger and competitiveness that is unmatched. Striking fear in the pitcher’s mind is where he makes his living at the plate. I just fear that he will not be 100% healthy again for the rest of the season. At what point do the Yankees and their fans start to cast doubt in him? Has he shown us enough to keep him as a part of this core?

In the Meantime…

While we await the return of Stanton, Judge has been the best player in baseball over their 10-game road trip. He received AL Player of the Week honors and hit a home run in every game against the Orioles. Judge and Stanton have never been on a tear at the same time, but the Yankees would be unstoppable with those two locked in. They have proven that they can carry their team at any given moment. We cannot say the same for the rest of the Yankees lineup. In order for them to replace the dominant Stanton, guys such as Clint Frazier and Luke Voit must fill this void. In spurts, both players can be dominant. Fans are awaiting the emergence of Frazier. So far, the results have been pedestrian at best but we know he can be an All-Star caliber player.

Wishing a speedy and healthy recovery to our guy Giancarlo!

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