What The Hicks Injury Means for the Yankees

Yesterday, The Yankees placed Aaron Hicks on the IL, and he will probably opt for surgery, but what does the injury mean for the Yankees?

Once again Aaron Hicks is hurt for the Yankees in what seems to be a yearly occurrence. This time he has a torn tendon sheath and could be headed for surgery. 

Aaron Hicks
(PHOTO: Getty Images)

It seems that Brett Gardner will be taking over in center for the remainder of the year. Once again Aaron Hicks can’t seem to stay on the field. Ever since he signed a long-term deal, he hasn’t given the Yankees one full season without getting hurt. His average has also gone down each year but his OBP has stayed the same. 

It is getting to the point that Cashman may consider shipping Aaron Hicks off if he keeps getting hurt as Florial seems to be hitting extremely well in AAA 

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