Yankees: Has Giancarlo Stanton Finally Turned the Corner?

Coming out of the gates with a 6-11 record, the 2021 New York Yankees looked lost. They struggled in the field, running the bases and at the plate. They were living up to the narrative that the New York Yankees needed to the long ball to be successful and Giancarlo Stanton was the poster boy.

Since then the Yankees have gone 10-4 led by the red hot Stanton. Over the past 15 games he has hit .426 with seven homers, twelve RBI’s and 26 hits.

The only change? Stanton was moved down to the No. 2 hitter, swapping places with Aaron Judge.

“We’d obviously gotten off to a tough start offensively the first two weeks of the season, kind of collectively as a group. So it was a little bit a case of changing and switching some things up,” manager Aaron Boone said.

The move has clearly paid off. Stanton currently holds the Majors’ longest active hitting streak at 12 games and appears to finally be comfortable in a Yankee uniform. Let’s all hope this isn’t just a flash of greatness because with Stanton hitting like this, a healthy Judge and a Luke Voit return around the corner there is no limit to what this lineup could do.

“I feel great,” Stanton said. “I can’t tell you if it’s my best [hot streak] ever or what have you, but I’m just glad I’m here and have to work to keep it going.”


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