Aroldis Chapman has Reinvented Himself

Aroldis Chapman looks more dominant than ever as he continues to rack up strikeouts, but what is the key to his success this season?

We last saw Aroldis Chapman in 2020, when he gave up a homer to Mike Brosseau that ended the Yankees season. In 2020, Chapman had been experimenting with a splitter as we saw that his fastball was getting slower. He needed a new pitch to make him even better.

Aroldis Chapman
Source: USA Today

Chapman in 2021 has been by far the best pitcher in all of baseball. He is untouchable right now and it is all thanks to that splitter.  When he is throwing the splitter, batters have had no success at all this year. Chapman has struck out every batter that he has thrown a splitter too.

When it comes to his fastball, Chapman has found another gear on it as it is faster than last year. In his last appearance, he was steady around 100-101MPH and it seemed to have some sink to it. What makes Chapman’s fastball that much better is that it can be followed by a splitter.

The splitter that Chapman throws may be one of the most disgusting pitches in baseball right now. No one has been able to even get close to touching it. Chapman also still features that great slider and he is now a three-pitch pitcher.

If Chapman keeps pitching the way he has lately, we may be seeing his name come up in the Cy Young conversation.

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