Are The Yankees Back?

After a terrible start to the season, The Yankees have taken the first three games against the Indians, but are the Yankees truly back?

It is no question that for the first two weeks of the season, the Yankees looked lifeless and weren’t playing good baseball at all.  At times, it was looking so bad that fans started to question whether the team was going to have a bad year.

The Yankees needed a strong showing in Cleveland, or else they would have been digging a hole they may not have been able to climb out of. The Yankees have won the first three games of the series and each game was won in a different way.

Game one looked bad from the beginning, as Domingo German looked like he was on the path of a terrible start. The Yankees came back from 3-0 and tied it at 3 and later in the game Odor came up clutch and gave the Yankees a 5-3 lead. Chapman closed the door and the bombers won.

Giancarlo Stanton
Source: Getty Images

Game two the offense finally found their power stroke to the tune of four homers. Hicks hit one from the right side, Odor pimped another one, and then Stanton murdered two balls that may have broken the sound barrier. The bullpen again then locked the game down and Chapman closed the door again.

Game three was a pitching dream, Cole Vs Bieber and it ended the way you would expect. The Yankees beat the Indians 2-1 thanks to two homers, one from Hicks(lefty) and one from Odor. Gerrit Cole was amazing once again and the bullpen locked it down again.

After three straight wins, I think it is safe to say that the Yanks are back and will only continue to get better as the season goes on.

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