Yankees: It’s Only up from Here… Right?

The Yankees had an awful series this weekend against the Tampa Bay Rays. After being swept three straight games, it’s only up from here.

Yikes, folks. The New York Yankees don’t look great. Matter of fact, they look downright awful. After being swept by the Tampa Bay Rays in their own ballpark, they’re riding a five-game losing streak and are 5-10 on the season overall. Now, the Yankees must reset before hosting the Atlanta Braves (who, at the time of this being written, are currently up by 10 against the Chicago Cubs) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Things have to change, and they need to change fast, because after the display the Bombers showed this weekend, the future doesn’t look too bright.

Yankees Score Seven Runs Against the Rays

You read that right. The Yankees only scored seven runs in the entire series against Tampa. On top of that, the Yankees only had eleven hits in their three games this weekend. Meanwhile, the Rays pitchers this weekend included Michael Wacha, Tyler Glasnow, and Ryan Yarbrough. On the opposing side of things, Yankees pitching allowed a total of 18 runs this series. Eight were scored Friday, six were scored Saturday, and four were scored Sunday. This was a Rays team that had just lost three straight to the Texas Rangers in their own ballpark, who aren’t exactly world-beaters.

No Defense, All Problems

A sticking point in this series was the Yankees’ defense — or lack thereof. In total, the Bombers committed four errors this series and the defensive woes go deeper than that. Particularly the Yankees made a handful of mental errors on Friday night and Sunday afternoon, resulting in a plethora of runs for the Rays that really shouldn’t have been surrendered. This includes Aaron Hicks and Clint Frazier both made mental and physical errors in the second inning of Sunday’s game.

The scariest thing about the lack of defense the Yankees have shown is that they are prone to not really being a defensive-oriented team. These issues are long-lasting that date back to multiple postseasons ago, and the same can be said for the lack of offense in big spots. It’s pretty apparent that nothing is clicking for the Yankees at the moment.

Looking Forward

As mentioned earlier, the Yankees will host the Braves for two this week, beginning on Tuesday. Atlanta will likely enter the series with a 7-9 record coming off a huge series win in Chicago against the Cubs. It is undecided who will start those two games for the Pinstripers, but it looks like veteran arm Charlie Morton and prized youngster Ian Anderson will get the ball in both games, respectively. It wouldn’t be a shock to see the Yanks struggle against arms that have had success against the Yankees in the past in both Morton and even Anderson.

I do want to be clear: in the long run, I think the Yankees will get into a groove. Every team goes into hot and cold streaks, and hopefully, that’s just what the Yankees are going through right now — a cold streak. Having said that, things need to change, and they need to change soon, or the Bombers could be in for a long summer.

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