Yankees: Is It Time To Hit The Panic Button?

The Yankees have dropped another one to the Rays and now sit at 5-8, with the team looking lifeless is now a good time to panic?

The Yankees suck, there is no better way to put it right now. After losing to the Rays 8-2 it is very easy to sit here have thoughts about the team not making the playoffs. The Yankees are completely lifeless right now. and are at rock bottom.

Aaron Judge
Source: Getty Images

The Yankees let Michael Wacha look like a Cy Young against them yesterday, and it was hard to watch. They are constantly missing hittable pitches and each day they lose very winnable games. It is hard to believe that the team has found a way to win five games. Those five games were a grind just to win and the team has yet to click.

Giancarlo Stanton looks lost at the plate, Clint Frazier has forgotten how to hit, and Gleyber Torres keeps missing fastballs. On paper this team should have at least 10 wins but can’t seem to even win one convincingly. Something needs to change quickly as it is hard to believe it can get worse than what it already is.

The Yankees go up against Glasnow today and if they don’t come in with a plan, then Glasnow has a good chance to have a history making day on the mound.


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