Yankees: 3 Bold Predictions For 2021 Season

Opening day is tomorrow and the Yankees will finally be playing meaningful baseball, but which three players will shock us this year?

We have made it, tomorrow we will have a regular-season game. Baseball season is officially back and the Yankees will start their quest for 28. Each year we are surprised with players who come out of nowhere, or players who find their form again. Here are three bold predictions for the 2021 season.

Gary Sanchez
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Gary Sanchez Will Return to Form:

I’ve been saying this for a long time, Gary Sanchez would return to form, he just needed a reality check. It is no question that Gary Sanchez was the worst player in baseball last season in terms of average. He got benched in the postseason because of it, something we never thought could happen. This Spring, it seems that Gary has finally changed his swing a bit and is getting his leg down quicker and starting the big leg kick sooner as well. That is just the simple change that Gary needed to get his timing back and we all should expect big things from him this season.

Jameson Taillon
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Jameson Taillon Will Finish Top Five in CY Young:

The Yankees went into the offseason with two goals, sign DJ, and get starting pitching. The Yankees did both and traded for Taillon for a pretty good package. Now many fans have already stated that the Yankees should have gone for Musgrove but Taillon has much more potential. Taillon has been almost untouchable this Spring and when he is healthy he has the chance to be one of the best pitchers in the American League. 

Nick Nelson
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Nick Nelson will be a top 10 Bullpen Arm:

Ever since Nick Nelson came up with the Yankees in 2020, I’ve said that he has the potential and stuff to be an elite bullpen arm for the Yankees. This Spring he has also been untouchable and has only given up a single run in 10 innings of work. Nelson has already made the team and with the bullpen injured to start the year, I expect Nelson to have a huge year and by the end of the season he will be one of the big arms they go to in big spots.



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