Giants Sign Kenny Golladay To a Multi-Year Deal

Daniel Jones finally has a true #1 WR as the Giants and Kenny Golladay have agreed to a 4-year worth 72 million.

It is clear that the Giants have needed a true #1 WR since Gettleman traded Odell to the Browns for Jabrill Peppers and a first-round pick which turned into Dexter Lawrence. The lack of offensive weapons has contributed to Daniel Jones’s slow progression. This is why signing Golladay was a need.

Kenny Golladay
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The WR core now has the chance to be one of the best in football, as the signing of John Ross and his 4.22 speed is extremely underrated. Golladay is a huge target standing at 6’4″, the Giants have not had a WR that big since Plaxico Burress.

The signing of Golladay slightly changes the draft pick for the Giants now. They now don’t NEED to draft Waddle or Smith at 11 and can now look to address other parts of the team. The Giants can now look to draft one of the three best tackles at 11 or go with Surtain if he falls to 11.

The Giants still could look at Kyle Pitts at 11 as Evan Engram was awful last year and hasn’t taken the next step everyone has predicted him to take. Pitts would give the Giants a top-five offensive unit in all of football and would make Daniel Jones’s life so much easier

Looking at the offense going into 2021, it will feature Golladay at WR1, Slayton at WR2, and a mixture of Shepard and John Ross at WR3. The electric speed of John Ross has the chance to make the Giants offense a true threat. Since he was drafted John Ross hasn’t been used the right way and if used correctly he can outrun everyone

The addition of Kenny Golladay to the Giants is amazing and now they finally get to see if Daniel Jones is the real deal as he will have a true WR core. If Jones regresses again, then they will be looking for a new QB next year.

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