Why Derek Dietrich Deserves A Roster Spot

The Yankees brought in Derek Dietrich in a surprise move this offseason. Can the versatile power bat be of good use to the Bombers?

Derek Dietrich was one of the late spring training acquisitions that was a surprise to people, as he is a player with power and versatility all over the field. Dietrich’s contract is not a hefty amount of money and he can be a very important player on this Yankees roster if he can perform. He can play first, second, third, in the outfield, and potentially shortstop, as well, as he has seen limited action there in the past.

Dietrich and his Versatility

He can be the lefty power bat to start or from the bench, while he did hit very well on the Cincinnati Reds before he became a free agent. He had his best season yet in 2019 as he had a career-high 19 home runs and 43 RBI’s. However, his batting average was underwhelming, at just .187.

Infield (and Outfield) Reinforcement

He is a need in the infield with the versatility that can help the Yankees because of potential injuries that can occur at any time in the season as the Yankees have had a long injury history in the past seasons, too.

He can give valuable time at any moment and can fill in at any position — besides pitcher and catcher, obviously. He gives the Yankees the extra bat and glove that they need off the bench and he can turn out to be a very low-risk, high reward signing like many other players on the team and can even start if he gets hot. Only time will tell before the roster is set ahead of the season, but as of now, he deserves a shot on this team that lacks a lefty power bat and needed versatility.

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  1. he doesn’t hit for average or get on-base all that much. …and he’s not all that much of a defensive player. ..and the yankees don’t. really need another power hitter. they’re simply loaded with big bats.

    he may deserve a roster spot

    on another team

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