Yankees: 3 Standout Players in Spring Training

The Yankees are halfway through Spring Training and while there have been some hot players, which three stand out the most?

The Yankees have been playing some really good baseball all around since Spring Training started. From everyday players to prospects, the Yankees have been getting production from top to bottom this Spring Training. Here are three standout players so far this spring.

Jay Bruce
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Jay Bruce:

The Yankees signed Bruce to a minor league deal in the late part of the offseason and fans had hoped that the signing would mean Gardner wouldn’t be back, but of course, he was brought back. The Gardner resign made it harder for Bruce to make the team and he needed a really strong spring to make it. So far, Bruce has been on fire. In 15 at-bats this spring Bruce has six hits, two of them being homers. Bruce is going to make it very hard for the Yankees not to give him a spot if he keeps playing this well.

Lucas Luetge:

Lucas Luetge came out of nowhere, he is a guy who has not pitched in the majors in almost five years and no one expected him to actually have a shot at making the team this year. With the injury to Zack Britton, the Yankees are looking for a lefty to fill his role and Luetge has pitched so well that it is almost certain that he will break camp with the team. In four innings pitched this spring he has allowed no runs, but the most important thing is he has struck out 10 batters in those four innings. Luetge may end up being another bullpen gem that the Yankees have found.

Rob Brantly:

Now you might be saying how can a guy with only three at-bats be considered a standout player? Well in those two at-bats this Spring, Brantly has two home runs and the Yankees are now looking for a third catcher as Chirinos broke his wrist and may need surgery.  Brantly has a nice lefty swing and should be able to help the Yankees if they ever need to use him.

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