What Has Gary Sanchez Changed This Spring?

Gary Sanchez has looked awful since 2018, but early on this Spring he is looking like his 2017 self, but what has changed this time?

When thinking about 2016 and 2017, you go back to thinking about the last time Gary Sanchez was a consistent hitter and a force in the Yankees lineup. During the 2018 season, he looked like a completely different player that was hurt for most of the year. What we have noticed as the years have gone on is that each year, Gary’s leg kick keeps getting bigger and bigger. This completely threw off his timing and was a huge step back from what worked in the early years. 

Gary Sanchez
Source: Getty Images

When Gary was going well, he had a toe tap leg kick with two strikes that would help him be on pitches. It seemed the past two seasons that he never adjusted it and was always late, even on slow fastballs. It is clear this Spring that he has made changes to his swing. If you watch his at-bats closely, while he is still doing his leg kick, he is starting it a bit earlier which is giving him more time to see the pitch. 

From what we have seen early on this Spring is that Gary is starting his leg kick earlier and that will allow him to have a little more time which is vital for him. If the Yankees can get Gary back to the hitter they know he can be, then this team is even more deadly and will give the Dodgers a run for their money.







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