Yankees: What To Do With Domingo German

The Yankees have reported to camp and there are already some issues as players are speaking out about German, but what should happen next?

The Yankees season is finally back as pitchers and catchers have reported to Tampa for Spring Training and everything seems to be back to normal. There is a ton of excitement coming into this season as it is a full season again and this team is very strong, but there is a problem that has shown its face already. Domingo German is one of the players that has reported to camp and after his suspension and retirement issues, it was going to be interesting to see how the team reacted.  Safe to say it hasn’t gone well and here is how the Yankees must deal with it.

Domingo German
Source: Getty Images

During the opening press conferences, Aaron Boone talked about Domingo German and stated that he had a meeting with him, Brian Cashman, and Carlos Mendoza. In that meeting, they talked over everything that happened and how to move forward.  It seems like the team may not be feeling the same way as Zack Britton was asked about German and gave his honest opinion. Britton pretty much said that “you can’t pick your teammates” and then said that he is just here to pitch but Domingo doesn’t owe him anything. 

It is clear that the clubhouse is not happy with German and who can blame them? Boone was also asked if he is going to ask German to address the team and he said that it needs to come from Domingo himself. I would have to agree as if Domingo German is seeing all of this he needs to step up and address the team as we need a tight group. If German is unable to do that then the clubhouse will all be against him and that is the last thing we need. There truly should be two options for German, address the team or be cut.


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