Eli Manning is a Hall Of Famer

Eli Manning is one of the best postseason QBs in NFL History and getting into the Hall would be well deserved, but does he belong?

Yesterday it was announced that Peyton Manning made it into the Hall of Fame, first ballot. Eli Manning is a few years away and to some people, he isn’t a lock. Eli Manning is one of the most clutch QBs in NFL history especially in the playoffs and deserves to be in the hall. Here’s the case to why Eli Manning belongs in the Hall.

Eli Manning
Source: Getty Images

I’ll be the first person to say that getting into the Hall Of Fame isn’t as hard as it used to be anymore. It used to be a very exclusive club only for the greatest of players, but as the years go on it has become easier to get in. One of the main boxes it seems you need to check is being a Super Bowl champion. Eli Manning is a two time Super Bowl Champ as well as two time Super Bowl MVP. Now that is something that not many players have ever been able to do. Only five players have ever won multiple Super Bowl MVPs, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Tom Brady. All of these players are either in the Hall currently or will be when they finally retire. 

What separates Eli from the rest is that while he may not have the greatest regular-season record when he gets into the postseason you know he is going to turn it up. In both of his Super Bowl runs, Eli Manning played the best football of his career. In 2007, Manning shocked the world and beat the Bucs, Cowboys, Packers, and the 18-0 Pats. In Super Bowl 42 Eli made some of the best plays of his career. His Super Bowl 46 run maybe even more impressive as he was as clutch as always. The best throw of his career came in Super Bowl 46 when he threw a seed to Manningham.  Manning also played almost every single game of his career until Macadoo sat him and was one of the game’s Ironmen. Eli Manning belongs in the Hall for being one of the greatest postseason QBs of all time. 

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