Giants: 3 Options for Pick 11

 The Giants hold the 11th pick in the NFL Draft and with such a loaded draft class they have many options, but who should they pick?

The Giants are locked in with the 11th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft and could go many directions with the pick. The Giants need a playmaker on offense to help Daniel Jones in the passing game and this draft contains a ton of playmakers that will be around at pick 11. On the other side of the ball, the defense showed that it is a few pieces away from being a legit top 10 unit. Here are three potential players the Giants could take at 11.

Kyle Pitts
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Kyle Pitts:

It is no question that Evan Engram is terrible and cost the Giants at least one game last season with his awful drop against the Eagles. Engram has the potential to be one of the game’s best tight ends with his speed that was clocked at 4.4 at the combine. He is a complete mismatch but he can’t catch the ball. Kyle Pitts is one of the best tight ends coming out of college in a long time and fun fact, he didn’t drop a single pass this year and also has game-breaking speed. A combo of Pitts and Engram(if he learns to catch the ball) could be very deadly and could help Jones transform his game.

Kwity Paye:

The Giants defense took a massive step forward this season and at times played like a top 10 unit in football. The secondary at times was also lights out with Pro Bowl Corner James Bradberry locking it all down. There is part of the defense that could use some work and that is the D-Line. Now don’t get me wrong, Willams had a career year but besides him and Lawrence, no one else really did well. Enter Kwity Paye, some say the best pass rusher in the draft. Paye could absolutely transform the D-Line especially if the Giants bring back Williams next season.

Patrick Surtain Jr:

Now some might say that Jaylen Waddle would be a good choice here and I agree, but it’s time to also explore another interesting option. Patrick Surtain is the best corner in the draft and is sure to be picked before the Giants at 11, but there is always a chance Farley could go ahead of him. If that were to happen the Giants should absolutely jump on picking Surtain as it would make the secondary deadly. Besides Bradberry, the Giants don’t have a corner to hold down the other side of the field and Surtain would make that a non-issue.

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