Yankees: What’s Next After Darren O’Day Signing?

The New York Yankees sent RHP Adam Ottavino to the rival Red Sox, which then left fans wondering what’s next, and we got that answer.

This past month has been a busy one for Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees. After a period of time where nothing got done, we finally began to see some moves being made. Most recently, the Yankees sent relief pitcher Adam Ottavino and a prospect to the Red Sox. This move wasn’t made to try and flip Ottavino for a player, but rather unload the $8 million dollars that he was owed for the 2021 season. There was speculation as to what the Yankees should do with that money, and according to Joel Sherman, they turned $2.45 million of that into a one year deal for sidearmer Darren O’Day, with $700k of that being a buyout after this season.

Darren O'Day
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What does O’Day Bring to the Yankees?

Darren O’Day was signed by the Yankees to do exactly what Adam Ottavino was supposed to do. Come out of the bullpen and be extremely tough on right-handed hitters. While O’Day doesn’t throw as hard as Otto and also doesn’t possess a killer slider, he does bring a funky windup that throws off hitters, and most importantly, he throws strikes. There were questions about how Ottavino would bounce back this season, and it’s clear now that the Yankees didn’t want to trust him. Bringing in a guy to do the same job for about $6 million cheaper is a fantastic move by Brian Cashman.

Another thing that O’Day brings to the table is consistency. If there’s one word that sums up exactly what the Yankees need, it’s that. This upcoming 2021 season will be O’Day’s 14th in the bigs, and he’s been able to eclipse 60 games in 8 of 12 normal seasons. In 2020 he appeared in 19 of 60 games for the Braves, and he posted a 1.10 ERA with a 0.796 WHIP. These are impressive numbers for someone that will be going into his age 38 season, and it’s safe to say that we can expect similar production this season as he has been nothing short of consistent throughout his entire career.

What’s Next?

After signing O’Day, the Yankees have around $10 million to spend before they hit the luxury tax threshold. They will want to save some of that for the trade deadline, so they really don’t have much left to work with. However, that does not mean that they are finished for the offseason.

Whatever moves come next will most likely be for the depth. The only exception for that would be if the team adds another reliever that’s currently on the market, like Trevor Rosenthal. Cashman loves to stack his bullpen, so this move wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

One other thing that Cashman seems to love is handing out contracts to Brett Gardner. Listen, Gardy has done a lot for the Yankees over the years, and we will always appreciate it. However, enough is enough. If he decided to take a Ryan Zimmerman type deal and come back as a bench piece for $1 million, then by all means to do so. He should not be making more than $2-3 million because he already got a $2.5 million buyout of his previous contract.

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