Yankees: What’s Next Following The Ottavino Trade

The Yankees traded Adam Ottavino in a salary dump move that freed up space, with the new space what moves should they make?

Yesterday, The Yankees traded Adam Ottavino to the Boston Redsox in a salary dump move that gave the Yankees extra breathing room to make a few more moves. The Redsox agreed to pay all 9 million left on his deal and that now gives the Yankees 13 million Dollars to spend before they hit the tax. With the new space, the Yankees are now in a position to add to the team again. Here are the two most likely moves that they will make.

Trevor Rosenthal
Source: Getty Images

Sign a bullpen arm:

The Yankees got rid of Adam Ottavino and now they need to replace his spot as the rotation is already finished. There are still plenty of options on the market but there is one player that the Yankees should make sure that they get. Trevor Rosenthal has finally found himself again after a very rough 2019. In that year, Rosenthal forgot how to throw a strike and looked like he had a case of the yips. In 2020, he showed that he still can be a dominant arm as he finished the year 1-0 with a 1.90 ERA and struck out 38 batters in 23.2 innings. Rosenthal would be the perfect guy to replace Ottavino.


Resigning Gardner:

Now, this is the move that we all know is coming whether we like it or not. Sadly the Yankees are obsessed with him and will not let him go. Garnder has declined a lot over the years and they keep bringing him back for his “leadership”. Gardner is washed and if he is brought back the Yankees better make it clear that he is a backup player like he agreed to be in 2019 before all of the injuries. Left Field belongs to Clint Frazier now and Brett Gardner should not be a starter if he is brought back. 

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