The Yankees Need to Get Jameson Taillon

The Yankees appear to be on the verge of acquiring Jameson Taillon from the Pirates, but why is he a must get for them?

As of Saturday night, the Yankees are reportedly the front runner in acquiring Jameson Taillon of the Pirates. Nothing is done as of yet but more and more reports are coming out that the Yankees are the front runner and most of the time when that happens, they get their guy. Taillon would be a great addition to the roster and here is why.

Jameson Taillon
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Taillon is the type of pitcher the Yankees love to go after, a lot of potential but an injury risk. Taillon has had 2 TJ’s in his career but when he has been healthy he has an elite arm. In his last full season(2018) he pitched to a 14-10 record with a 3.20 ERA and 179 strikeouts in 191 innings. In those 191 innings, he only allowed 20 home runs and walked less than 50 batters in that season. Taillon is the type of pitcher that the Yankees need and if everything goes to plan, they will have found another gem for the rotation.

The package for Taillon might not be as big as some may expect. The Yankees won’t need to give up Frazier in this deal and the Pirates are looking for prospects, catching prospects to be exact. The Yankees have a ton of depth in their farm with catchers and the likely man to be traded would be Anthony Seigler. Miguel Andujar could also be included in the deal as well as another arm like Luis Gil.

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