Yankees Should Chase Trevor Rosenthal

The New York Yankees need relievers, and Trevor Rosenthal is one nasty reliever that the Yankees should pick up in free agency.

The Yankees are short on good bullpen arms. While they can’t go out and get themselves anyone too expensive, they should be in the market to get someone like a Trevor Rosenthal. He’s got a fire fastball and electric strikeout stuff, and he would make the Yankee bullpen devastating. He would be the final piece to make this bullpen downright filthy. If the Yankees are serious about getting their bullpen in elite shape again, then Trevor Rosenthal should be their guy. He’s a great arm for the bullpen, and he could come for cheaper than usual.

One of the Best Strikeout Relievers in Baseball

In 2020 he managed a 41.6% K%, which is just flat out unreal. That translated to a 14.45 SO/9, showing off his electric stuff in the bullpen. He has an unreal fastball. At 97.9 MPH and a 2454 RPM, it’s one of the best in the sport, and it translated to an above 30% whiff% on it. It was a weapon all season for him, and he was able to rev it up and rip fastballs by batters. This was combined with a downright filthy slider as well, making him unhittable. This slider generated a 36.1% whiff%, so it’s a dominant pitch.

Trevor Rosenthal Would Make The Yankees’ Bullpen Unfair

Trevor Rosenthal posted a mere 1.90 ERA and 2.31 SIERA in 2020, if you put that in a bullpen with guys like Chad Green, Aroldis Chapman, and Zack Britton? You’d be cooking with fire, as there’s no way you’re going to be any worse than 5th in a bullpen ranking. He is by far one of the best relievers on the market and is a splash move that would make the fanbase go crazy. Bringing in a stud reliever will that arm talent would be a deathblow to other AL competitors. The bullpen would just be unstoppable, and Yankee fans need to have someone like that to give them an elite bullpen to watch.

Getting a Deal Done

A deal for Trevor Rosenthal would be similar to Trevor May’s contract. At 2 years $15 million, the Yankees could get someone very impactful. He isn’t the best reliever in baseball, but he’s elite. He’s got the arm, he’s got the swing and miss stuff, and he’s the perfect RP. At around $7 million he’d be a robbery. Be smart with the money, but don’t let this elite reliever be passed up. Having another fireballer in your bullpen would be unstoppable. If you want to win a title, you get the best players on the market, and Rosenthal is that. He’s the final piece for that bullpen, and a potential chance to get number 28.

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