Giants: 3 Potential Offseason Cuts

The Giants are no doubt going to make some moves in free agency but with a cap issue going into it who should they cut?

For the first time in a few years, The Giants actually have a bright and exciting future. In 2020, the defense took a massive jump and showed that it is only a piece or two away from being a potential top 10 unit. The offense struggled a bit but the O-Line showed great improvement. The offense as a whole is only a few pieces away from being a good unit. The Giants go into 2021 need to let go of some players to get under the cap, here are three players the Giants should let go.

Golden Tate
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Golden Tate

This one is a no-brainer, Golden Tate was rarely used in the offense as the season went on and can be added to the list of failed Gettleman signings. In March of 2019, The Giants signed Tate to a 4-year 37million dollar contract and it has been a failed signing ever since it started. Tate was suspended before the 2019 season and would miss the first four games, and after that wouldn’t really play at the level he was being paid to play at. In his second year, it all went downhill as rumors started to come out that he was causing issues to the locker room and after that, he was starting to get benched. If he doesn’t opt out the Giants should just cut him and save the cap room.

Giants left tackle Nate Solder opts out of 2020 NFL season over family  health concerns -

Nate Solder

Now this man is the biggest failed signing of Gettleman’s time as Giants GM. Ever since Solder was signed to the biggest OLine deal in NFL history he has somehow made the Oline worse. They brought him in to finally get Eli the protection he needed and to give the running game some life and neither of that happened when he was playing. Giants fans were all happy when he opted out and it opened the door for Andrew Thomas, who after struggling to start, has proved that he can be a really good player in the future. While cutting Solder will leave the Giants with a lot of dead cap, you need to do it or trade him as he won’t be playing at all.

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Kevin Zeitler

Kevin Zeitler has not been the best for the Giants since he came over in the trade with the Browns for Vernon. At the time the Giants were expecting to get one of the best RG in all of football and Zeitler has done nothing to make the Giants Oline better at all. It has gotten to the point that he was being rotated out because he just wasn’t as good. Zeitler if cut, will save almost 15 million in cap space but he is the kind of player that also could be traded for a draft pick. The Giants need to move on from him in order to make a big splash in the offseason that is needed to help the team grow.


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