Will The Jets Screw Up The Second Pick?

The Jets have a long history of messing up their draft picks, and with them holding the second pick will they screw it up?

Sam Darnold
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Tanking can be an interesting topic of discussion. The decision and benching of Jalen Hurts was tanking at its finest. Philadelphia was able to secure the sixth pick and the sports world hated them for it. However, weren’t sports analysts and experts encouraging the Jets to tank for Trevor Lawrence? Don’t really see a difference in the two but that is neither here nor there. What we can discuss is what the Jets are going to do with their now number two overall selection.

While everyone and their mother knows Jacksonville will take Trevor Lawrence, the Jets honestly have the most intriguing draft spot. Heck, they might have the most interesting offseason ahead of themselves. What every Jet fan is wondering is whether they will move on from Sam Darnold or draft one of the other quarterbacks not named Trevor Lawrence. There is no right answer if we’re being honest. The Jets can either take the quarterback, trade the pick, or draft another impact player.

I’ll just get this out of the way now if you are sold on a Justin Fields or a Zach Wilson you take one of them. I’ve always been a firm believer in taking the guy you believe will change the franchise for a decade or so. If I were the Jets GM I’d have to be convinced either of those two quarterbacks are worth taking. As of today, I’d trade back a couple of spots secure another first-round pick and other assets, and draft the best player available. Sam Darnold has gotten the raw end of the deal in his first three seasons in the league. Todd Bowles and co. did the bare minimum to help him and Adam Gase was a train wreck that you couldn’t stop from watching. While still super young, your hope is confidence isn’t shot. This draft pick directly reflects what the Jets think they have in Darnold. How about the Jets acquire unreal assets and run it back with a head coach that is actually competent? By doing this, it would allow Sam to be comfortable and given a real chance to succeed in this league. This is Joe Douglas’ first go around. He’s never hired a coach. That doesn’t mean he gets a pass. Competence is key, it’s something the Jets haven’t had in a while. It’s important to note that Sam Darnold would be getting paid soon. How much? That’s the million-dollar question. Quarterback is a premium position but no one has seen progress in three years. If they keep him they should pick up his fifth-year option. This is make or break for Sam and I think they should allow him to figure it out in the green and white. 

So with the second pick, the Jets are not on the clock. I could see a San Francisco or Detroit trading up to the two spot to take the quarterback of their liking. Yes, I know San Fran has Jimmy G but there isn’t guaranteed money in his contract and the Lions need to start fresh and get some value for Matt Stafford before it’s too late. If the drafts were able to lock-in a trade with the lions they’d pick seven. In that case is Devonta Smith best player available? What about a Patrick Surtain or Micah Parsons? All are great options and would be be an immediate impact on the field. If they decided to move back 10 spots does defensive end, Gregory Rousseau, out of Miami sound like a nice fit? What about a Jalen Waddle? This draft is so deep I think the Jets can afford to move back. Such talent instantly improves both sides of the ball and don’t forget the Jets have Seattle’s first-round pick in the Jamal Adams deal. They could really help out their team this offseason. 

What’s most important is that believing Joe Douglas will get best value no matter what. Whether that’s actually drafting at number two and dumping Sam, that remains to be seen. I think they will take their time and not pull the trigger or even have an answer until the end of April. There could be a major draft day trade or something right before but jets fans have to be excited. With the number two pick solely based on Sam Darnold’s standing with the team, Jets fans what do you think?

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  1. I think it’s a good, thought out rationale question. As a Jet fan I would rather Keep Sam Darnild who is only 23 and build around him. Something that we have never done. I’d rather trade with San Fran and move down to 13 and take TE Kyle Pitts at 12. A 6’6 WR that runs a sub 4. 40yrd. His catch radius alone makes him a nightmare match up even against 6’4 LBs.

    Ideally a trade down from #2 to #5 with Cincinnati so the can grab Penei Sewell and then another move down from #5 to #12 to get multiple 1,st 2nd and 3rd round picks over multiple consecutive years would be my ideal. In a year that the Offenaive line, WR, Safety
    and RB talent is exemplary this would be a great draft to have multiple early round picks.

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