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Aaron Hicks Is A Crucial Piece For the Yankees

The New York Yankees are always criticized, yet one of their most criticized player Aaron Hicks is easily one of their most crucial.

There is a surprising amount of disdain amongst Yankees fans for CF Aaron Hicks, who’s the lone switch-hitter in their lineup. Not only is he a rare switch hitter, but he’s also one of the best OBP machines in the sport. His abilities on the offensive side of the ball make him an amazing asset for the Yankees lineup. That being said, why is always seen as a bad contract”? While he has had injury issues, his value is amazing. Aaron Hicks is awesome, in fact, Aaron Hicks is a staple in this lineup for the Bronx Bombers.

One of the Best Hitters On the Team

Aaron Hicks has a .354 xwOBA, .350 wOBA, and a 121 wRC+ since 2018. These are amazing marks and solidified the 30-year-old outfielder as one of the best offensive centerfielders in the sport. His prowess on the offensive side of the ball makes him extremely reliable as a hitter in the lineup. What people use to deny this is his .240 batting average from 2018-2020, but that ignores a .359 OBP and .451 SLG in spite of that. When it comes to offensive production, his stats are undeniable, he’s a good hitter and a must in this lineup at all times.

The Yankees Get Great Production For Cheap

Aaron Hicks makes $10 million dollars a year to be a 120 wRC+ hitter in your lineup with okay defense, that’s amazing. People will bring up his durability but in 2020 he played 54/60 regular-season games, in 2019 he was hurt bad, and in 2018 he had played 137/162 games. If he’s playing 85-90% of his games and has a 120 or higher wRC+, you’re getting amazing value. For context, a much worse outfielder who’s less durable in Adam Eaton will make $8 million in 2021, only $2 million less than Hicks. One guy is arguably top 5 in his position, the other is an average baseball player at best. $10 million is a steal for a player of Hicks’ caliber.

Aaron Hicks Is a Speciality Bat For the Yankees

How many switch-hitting guys do we have that can work walks as Hicks can? Since 2018 he is 10th in the sport among 359 batters in walk percentage, making his plate discipline elite. Aaron Hicks provides good offense against BOTH RHP and LHP, while also providing quality at-bats. He’s everything you could ask for offensively in a switch hitter, and he’s unlike any hitter in their lineup. He’s a guy that is very hard to replace, as switch-hitting OBP machines are extremely rare. 

The Yankees have their guy at $10 million a year for a very special talent offensively, and it’s time he gets his respect.


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