Giants: Daniel Jones Deserves One More Year

Daniel Jones has been a mixed bag since the Giants drafted him, some may say it’s time to move on, but he deserves one more year.

We still don’t know if we have our franchise Quarterback yet. The Giants shocked the NFL when they drafted Daniel Jones 6th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. It even shocked the Football Team who were then forced by their owner to take Haskins at 17. Overall, the Daniel Jones experience has been a roller coaster so far but here are two reasons why he deserves one more year to prove himself.

Daniel Jones
Source: Getty Images

Terrible O-Line:

Since he took over for Eli Manning, Jones has inherited a terrible offensive line. The Giants have had a problem with protecting their QB since their last Superbowl run and there have been countless memes of Eli Manning after he has been sacked. Jones rarely has had time to sit back in the pocket and go through his reads. The Giants did draft Andrew Thomas, this past season and as the year went on he started to show more and more why he was the first tackle picked. The Giants still need more to the line as it is still one of the worst in football. Strengthen the O-Line for next season and see what Jones can do with it.


Never had a WR 1:

Daniel Jones has not had a game where everyone was healthy, Barkley has struggled to stay on the field since we drafted Jones and the WR core has had its injuries too. Slayton is a very good receiver but he isn’t a true WR #1, Evan Engram has been a bust and Jones has not been able to feed off of the talent around him. This season Jones has had to run a lot because the receivers are just not getting any separation at all. In order for Jones to show the Giants that he is or isn’t the answer, you need to give him a true weapon that he can use. This upcoming free agency and Draft have a lot of WR talent that the Giants should take advantage of.


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