Giants: 3 Keys to Victory vs. Ravens

The Giants are still alive in the playoff hunt but face a tough task in week 16, but just what do they need to do to win?

The Giants’ playoff hopes are surprisingly still alive as they currently sit only a game back from the first place Football Team. In order for the Giants to win the division, they are going to need to gain at least one game on the Football Team. It won’t be easy come Sunday as the Giants face off against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Let’s take a look at the three keys to victory for the Giants.

Lamar Jackson's Impact: By The Numbers | Sharp Football

1. Force Lamar to throw the ball

It is no question that Lamar Jackson is not that great of a passer when it comes down to it. The book is now out on him and it has slowed him down a lot this year. When forced to sit back in the pocket and throw the ball, the Ravens are a very beatable team as Lamar is not very accurate. Unlike Kyler Murray, Lamar has trouble throwing the ball and when contained in the pocket he often panics and makes mistakes. If the Giants are going to win this game they need to prevent Lamar from running out of the pocket. Force him to throw the ball and capitalize on the mistakes he makes.

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