Should you buy stock in the Brooklyn Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets have come a long way to reach the point they are at right now, but is now the time to buy stock with them?

It’s hard to imagine how far the Brooklyn Nets have come since being the laughing stock of the NBA for a period of time. If you think about it, and you might not want to, but from 2015-2018 the Nets were honestly the worst franchise in all of basketball. The infamous trade;, Do I have to further elaborate, or are we on the same page? It pains me to even talk about it, I still have nightmares. I’m just sweating thinking about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in Nets jerseys. Not trying to dwell on the past, but those were some awful times. Well, fast forward about seven years and the Nets can finally rejoice.

So, are there any nerves, butterflies, or even sighs of relief Nets fans? Opening night is literally next week. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving finally suit up in a meaningful game against a worthy opponent in the Warriors. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cocky going into the season. On paper, the Nets have the best roster in basketball and you cannot tell me otherwise. In the position-less and small-ball era, who is guarding a five-man rotation of Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dwinddie, Caris Levert, Joe Harris, and Kevin Durant. I’ll give you a hint:  NO ONE. All five players can create their own shot, get to the cup at will, and shoot from any spot on the court. This is what hell looks like to opposing defenses.

The fact that Sean Marks was able to keep this team intact and not aggressively pursue a trade for a wing was some of the best self-control I’ve ever seen. Throughout the whole offseason, I was convinced Aaron Gordon was a Net for Spence, Taureen Prince, and a couple of picks. I never thought Gordon fit well and Marks again stays pat where he should’ve. In regards to the Harden rumors, if you can get a guy like that you do so. I’d trade the whole farm for James and I wouldn’t think twice. Nets have a 2-3 year window and a KD, Kyrie, Harden big three allows for you to have an awesome core come playoff time. Who takes the last shot in that offense? Just kidding who cares, there isn’t a trade (yet).

Now, would I buy stock in the Nets for this upcoming season? Obvious answer yes. I think the offense is going to be unreal with Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni running the show. Two coaches that have great personalities and can connect with anyone. The league has moved towards a gigantic shift in player empowerment, so having coaches that can relate to these players is huge in providing a winning culture. Everyone was stunned to see Nash tabbed as the next Nets head coach, but he has Steve Kerr type vibe to him. Nash will take it to the chin if the Nets do not play well and give all the praise to the players and staff when they do play well. That is the type of guy he is and the type of guy the Nets want spearheading this new chapter.

There is a chance the Nets start slow, however. I would not be surprised in the slightest, but the reality is they haven’t been able to play together for a whole summer. There were clear obstacles with the virus restricting everyone and everything. The defense won’t be this team’s strong suit, we even heard Nash in a couple of media sessions saying the defense needs work. However, all I know is that this is an offensive league and I am confident in the players, all 1-15 and I seriously mean that. Guys like Tyler Johnson, TLC, Bruce Brown, Nic Claxton can all come in and provide NBA minutes any given night.

It’s championship or bust in Brooklyn and the Nets should embrace this. They are too talented and too star-studded to not deliver. Thankfully I couldn’t be more confident in this team and fully expect a championship run. Cheers to Kevin and Kyrie guys!

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$5 to anyone who gets the five names of these players to me

P.S. Nets fans we never forget! This was media day 2016. We have come along the way remember!

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