Yankees Were Smart To Not Get Lance Lynn

Many Yankees fans are upset that the team did not acquire Lynn last night, but after seeing what it cost it was smart to not go after Lynn


Last Night, news broke that the White Sox’s had acquired Lance Lynn in a trade with the Rangers. Lynn was the main target at last year’s trade deadline and many Yankee fans were upset when they didn’t get him. To be fair, no one got Lynn last year as the price for him was just way too high. After seeing what the White Sox’s gave up for Lynn, it became clear that the Yankees were smart to not go after him.

Lance Lynn
Source: Getty Images

The White Sox’s got Lynn by trading one of their best prospects, pitching stud Dane Dunning. Dunning was the White Sox’s number five prospect and featured great stuff. With all of his pitches and control is rated above average, it was clear that it was gonna cost a lot to get Lynn. Even in his rookie year with the Sox last year Dunning pitched to a 3.97 ERA which is good for a first-year guy.  In 34 innings last year, Dunning struck out 35 batters and only walked 13. The White Sox are obviously in win-now mode and we will see how it goes with their new manager. It is also clear that many Yankee fans are already upset that they didn’t get Lynn.


In order for the Yankees to have a chance to get Lynn, it would require them trading Clarke Schmidt at least. Dunning is equal to Schmidt and that alone is not worth it for the Yankees. Schmidt has shown that he has the stuff to be good in the majors but just needs a little more time to develop. Lynn had only one year left on his contract and who knows what he is going to do with his career after next year so it was a huge risk. There are also much better options out there that don’t require the Yankees parting ways with young prospect pitchers. Pitchers like Kluber and Sugano are out there on the market and would fit in better with the Yankees.

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