Giants: Dave Gettleman’s Three Best Moves in 2020

Dave Gettleman has been terrible for the Giants since he took over but he smashed the 2020 offseason, but what are his three best moves?

Dave Gettleman for the most part has been an awful GM for the Giants ever since he took over at the end of the 2017 season. Gettleman’s time with the Giants is known for some terrible free-agent signings, awful trades, and some pretty bad draft picks as well. 2020 on the other hand has been very kind to Gettleman as it has been his best year yet and credit must be given to him. Here are three of Gettleman’s best moves of 2020.

James Bradberry
Source: Getty Images

James Bradberry Signing

The Giants signed James Bradberry to a three-year deal this past offseason to fill a much-needed hole at Corner. The Giants’ defense last year was not the greatest and change needed to happen and Gettleman brought in Bradberry. Ever since his first game with the Giants, Bradberry has played like one of, if not, the best corner in football. It is getting to the point that teams aren’t even throwing the ball his way anymore, as again last week he only allowed 2 catches against him. Bradberry has helped propel this new and improved Giants defense to one that most teams will look at and know they are in for a tough game. 

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