Yankees: 3 Potential Replacements For DJ LeMahieu

The Yankees stated that their top priority this offseason is resigning DJ LeMahieu, but who should be the backup plan?

DJ LeMahieu is currently a free agent and while all signs point to him being resigned to the Yankees, we all must note that there is always a chance a team overpays for him. After it is all said and done DJ will most likely remain in pinstripes but we must look at some players that may replace him if we aren’t able to lock him up. Here are three players that could replace LeMahieu.

Kolten Wong
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Kolten Wong

Kolten Wong has been a very underrated player for the Cardinals since he broke into the majors. He is a great on-base guy that would be able to give the Yankees a lefty spark that they desperately need. In 2019, Wong slashed .285/.361/.423 with 136 hits, 25 doubles, 11 home runs, and 59 RBIs and in the shortened 2020 he slashed  .265/.350/.326 with 48 hits, four doubles, one home run, and 16 RBIs.

Wong isn’t a huge power guy, but he would feast off of the short porch in right. The best part of Wong’s game has to be his glove as he is an absolute wizard at second base and has earned the gold glove in back to back years.

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