Giants: 3 Potential First Round Draft Picks

The Giants currently hold the 4th overall pick in the NFL draft and will end up with a top-five pick, but who should they pick?

The Giants are once again in the hunt for a top-five draft pick and it is time to start looking at the players they could take. Before we get into that, I am excluding Trevor Lawrence from the list as the Giants will 100% finish better than the Jets, so it’s a lost cause. Other than Lawrence there are plenty of great options for the Giants to have a chance at taking, so here are three players the Giants could take in the first round.

Penei Sewell
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Penei Sewell: 

It happens every year. The Giants attempt to fix the O-Line but fail to do so. Now I am not saying that Andrew Thomas is a bust as he has shown some promise and will be good in the future, but you can’t pass up on Sewell if given the chance. Thomas has struggled a lot on the left side of the line and Sewell is considered to be one of the best tackles coming out of college in a long time. The easy fix could be moving Thomas to right tackle and sliding Sewell in at left tackle, giving the Giants two tackles that have great potential to finally give the QB some protection. Also, it would finally give Saquon a good line to run behind and not have to fake everyone out just to get past the line.

Patrick Surtain
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Patrick Surtain ii:

One of the lone bright spots on the Giants this year has actually been the emergence of the defense. The defense has often kept the Giants in almost every single game and is very promising. James Bradberry is playing like the best corner in the league and the D-Line has been very good against the run. The only issue on defense right now is that the Giants don’t have a good #2 corner. Since Deandre Baker got arrested the Giants have failed to replace his spot and it would be the perfect time to pick up a great corner. Patrick Surtain is the best corner in the entire draft. Coming from Nick Saban’s team you know he will have almost an instant impact and he is also a big and strong corner which is exactly what the Giants need alongside Bradberry. 

Justin Fields
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Justin Fields:

Daniel Jones has seven more games to prove that he is the QB that will lead the Giants for years to come. So far, he has had a couple of flashes of that, but overall he has been just too inconsistent for the likings of any fan. Ever since Jones has come into the league he has done one thing better than any other QB, and that is turning the ball over. Justin Fields has been absolutely incredible for Ohio State since he transferred over there and has the ability to not only sit back in the pocket and throw but also tuck it and run. While Ohio State hasn’t been great with their QB’s doing well in the NFL, Fields seems to be a lot different than the rest and will be a great change for the Giants should Jones continue to look terrible.


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