The New York Yankees Should Pursue Trevor May

There is no doubt that the New York Yankees could use some help in their bullpen and Trevor May could be that right-handed solution.

With Tommy Kahnle electing free agency due to his injury, the Yankees are kind of stuck in terms of their bullpen. It just isn’t the same without Tommy Kahnle, who pitched in 72 games in 2019. He was a vital part of the bullpen in October as well with a 2.33 ERA as a Yankee in October. They leaned heavily on him to be the guy to consistently carry the load of bridging games, and we missed him a lot. If the Yankees want to fill that void they’re going to need a wild gunslinger on the mound to rack up strikeouts in big spots. Trevor May can be that guy for the New York Yankees, and if they wanna supe up that bullpen, the need to land him. 

Trevor May Has An Elite Pitch Arsenal

May boasts a high-velocity fastball that averages 95-96 MPH according to Statcast with over 2,300 rotations per minute. In the past 2 seasons, his fastball has generated good whiff percentages with 32.4% in 2019 and 46.9% in 2020. He also has a wipeout slider that generates swings and misses and a ton of spin with over 2,500 rotations per minute. He has a changeup and sinker as well, but those pitches aren’t used too much, however they can get him out of a pickle if need be. With an elite arsenal for a reliever, what do the numbers say about Trevor May?


Having Great Numbers

Since 2018 Trevor May has 113 games pitched with 113 innings which is quite a lot of innings for a reliever considering 2020 was only 60 games. He has a 3.19 ERA and 3.05 SIERA in that stretch with 12.19 strikeouts per 9 and a 24.7% Strikeout-Walk percentage. He’s been devastating out of the bullpen, and if the Yankees land him they could have a reliever that is that 4th piece they need. He can be the Tommy Kahnle replacement the Bronx Bombers desperately need, and give the Yankees options late in games when their starter can’t give them length or for when they need to just lock a game down.

Trevor May Gives the Yankees a Super Bullpen

Most likely you will be paying May around 6-7 million dollars per year for 2-3 years. A deal similar to Ottavino’s but slightly cheaper due to the COVID shortened season killing revenue. If the Yankees want to just absolutely own the league, they can essentially guarantee a win in any Gerrit Cole start in October because he’s going to be on and you’re going to have 4 elite relievers out of the bullpen to call upon. It also shores up the depth of your bullpen as Luis Cessa and Adam Ottavino now are inning eaters and maybe Otto can get to a 3.60 ERA and FIP range so that we have a solid 6th inning arm. May makes the bullpen more explosive AND deeper, so if the Yankees want #28 in 2021, May is a great addition.

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