Can Rutgers be the future of New York football?

The current state of New York, New Jersey football is terrible as the Giants and Jets suck, but could Rutgers be the savior?

The headline is laughable you’re right. I cracked up writing it. The Giants and Jets are so putrid it is must-watch TV at times. However, there’s a Big Ten team in Piscataway, New Jersey worth keeping a tab on. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Coming off of a shocking 38-27 victory over the Michigan State Spartans is what football is all about. Having Greg Schiano back in the fold is a huge upgrade and he is the best coach in the New York/New Jersey area. I stand by that statement. Any sport you name it, Greg Schiano is an established, dedicated, relentless motivator that is a dying breed. He was able to climb Rutgers out of the cellar once, now it’s a whole different ball game this time around.

This team has the makings of a defensive juggernaut down the line. They were able to force seven turnovers! SEVEN! Having a rotation of defensive lineman who plays gap-controlled defense and who can rush the passer is a massive step in the right direction. Rutgers hasn’t generated a pass rush in what feels like a decade and they were able to step up in a big way. Not to mention the run defense was outstanding allowing 2.8 yards a rush. THIS IS GREG SCHIANO’S MUSIC BABY! The chop is back and the defense is humming. I already know this defense is ready to fight each week which is something we haven’t seen in a century.

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The Big Ten is a top-two conference in football and for years Rutgers has been the laughing stock of not only this prestigious conference but quite frankly the nation. “Rutgers will be number one!” The words of their fearless leader Greg Schiano stated back in September of a huge garden statement win over in-state rivals Seton Hall. Now getting Rutgers to number one is a daunting task, but who says it can’t be done? Did you know with Rutgers win last Saturday, it snapped a 21 game Big Ten losing streak? That’s almost unheard of in today’s day in age, but Rutgers was behind the curve for some time. For most of these players, it was their first Big Ten win, something they’ll cherish forever. Knowing how special it is to win in this media market is something Rutgers can hang their hat on. Schiano was able to get them to number seven back in 2006. Number one might not seem so far-fetched in a couple of years.

Greg Schiano and staff (which all have Jersey roots) have hit the ground running on the recruiting trail having a ton of New Jersey and New York talent committing earlier during the pandemic. What he did in his last stint he will do again which is keeping the kids home. He is a master teacher and these student-athletes will be coached, taught, and cared for like his own children. The Schiano man is in full effect and next week might possibly blow the doors off of Piscataway.

With a 1-0 start and a rejuvenated fan base, this upcoming game against 18th ranked Indiana is must-watch football. Slated for a 3:30 PM EST start on FS1 Greg Schiano is looking to chop his way to another victory as an underdog. Everyone likes the underdog right? Especially when they’re in your backyard. I get if you’re not an alumni and could care less about the team, but good football is good football and the NYC area is headed for a dire need of some balls to the wall, smash-mouth football. This might be the first year of Greg Schiano 2.0 but don’t be surprised if they make some noise.

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