Jordan Montgomery Is Going To Break Out For the Yankees In 2021

Despite disappointing results in 2020, left-handed pitcher Jordan Montgomery has the possibility to play a big role on the Yankees next season.

The New York Yankees are a team that’s going to (as always) need starting pitching help. With James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka hitting free agency they have to replace a lot of important innings in their rotation. You may think the Yankees are lost and have no pitching at all, but you’d be dead wrong. The New York Yankees have the next breakout candidate in their rotation, a young left-hander who’s been a solid starter. Jordan Montgomery and his 6’6 frame will have his best season to date in 2021 for the Yankees.

Having a Better Year Than His ERA Suggests

Jordan Montgomery in 2020 will be defined by his 5.11 ERA for some reason, which makes no sense to me at all. Sure he has a high ERA, but it’s a small sample size, and his peripherals suggest that he was unlucky. In 2020 he posted a 3.87 FIP, 3.65 xFIP, and a 3.84 SIERA in 2020, which are really solid peripherals. He struck out 9.61 batters per 9 with only 1.84 walks per 9. He only suffered from the gopher ball, with 1.43 HR/9, however, a 16.7% HR/FB rate suggests it would go down over the stint of a full season. The average HR/FB% is ~10% so I have reason to believe it would go down over the course of a season. The low walks and high strikeouts are really eye-opening and you could see Montgomery have a stellar season next year.


Developing A Fantastic Changeup

His best pitch always has been and always will be his curveball. It’s been a great swing and miss pitch and was why he had a higher K% than before. He’s been able to rely on it against right-handers to get them to chase. The best example is against the Mets where he got 7 out of 11 swings and misses off of his changeup. His changeup registered a 38.5% whiff% in 2020 with a .262 wOBA against. The Yankees were able to see that pitch used successfully, and the only time he faltered with his arsenal was against the Rays in September. While it was a bad start and it stunk, he made up for it.

Jordan Montgomery Stepped Up When The Yankees Needed Him

While the Yankees would go on to lose in 5 to the Rays, Jordan Montgomery stepped up big time in game 4. The New York Yankees got 4 innings of 1 run ball against the Rays and it did a lot for the Yankees. I don’t think anyone had faith in him, and yet the kid showed up. He had a few walks but overall? Not bad kid. You know the fans in New York were buying some Gumby stock after that game. I think if the Yankees acquire a starter or retain one you could have a good rotation. Going into October with Gerrit Cole, Luis Severino, James Paxton/Masahiro Tanaka, Jordan Montgomery, and Deivi Garcia? Now THAT’S a championship rotation. Keep your eyes on Jordan Montgomery, who could become a HUGE part of the Yankees’ success next year.

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