NFL Fantasy Football Breakdown: Week 7

This NFL week was as exciting as it gets. From Todd Gurley’s mistake TD which led to a game-winning drive by Mathew Stafford, to Tyler Lockett’s historical SNF stat-line, so much was showcased this Sunday.

In fantasy, we learned plenty, so in this article, we’ll be discussing who had the best performances in week 7 and if they are worth picking-up or trading for.

QB: Two words: Justin. Herbert. The rookie QB has made it clear to both Charger fans and fantasy owners that they made the correct decision in taking a chance on him. On Sunday, Herbert and the Chargers took on a struggling Jacksonville team and took care of business. Herbert showed off his arm, completing 27 of 43 pass attempts for 347 yards and three touchdowns, leading the Chargers to a 39-29 win over the Jags. Already a strong stat-line, Herbert jumped to the next level, rushing nine times for 66 yards and a TD. He had the highest point-total among QB’s with 39.48 points in week 7 and made it abundantly clear that he is the real deal.

It doesn’t make sense to trade for him right now, since he is coming off such a strong week so owners are sure to be asking for a high-return in trades, but, if you can grab him for a small fortune you might want to consider pulling the trigger to acquire Herbert. Remember, Herbert has already had his bye week and he plays the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills in the coming weeks, all teams that he possesses 30+ point potential against.

A second QB that has solidified himself as a fantasy-glitch has got to be Kyler Murray. He’d already put up monster fantasy numbers going into his SNF matchup with Seattle, but his heroic performance launched him into the #1 rank at the QB position, ahead of MVP front-runner Russel Wilson. Perhaps the best game of the season thus far, Cardinals-Seahawks lived up to its hype. Murray and Wilson went head-to-head, dropping dimes to DeAndre Hopkins and Tyler Lockett respectively, and throwing TD after TD. Combined the two superstars had 748 passing yards and 6 passing TD’s, but what set them apart were the INT totals. Wilson threw an unusual three INT’s while Murray only threw one. Ultimately Murray lead the Cardinals to an impressive victory and solidified himself as the number #1 fantasy QB in the league with a 37.1-point week.

Should you trade for Kyler? Yes! If you keep waiting on Murray, owners will be more likely to hang on to him and ask for more pieces in a trade, so you might as well trade for him now rather than later. Also, he is on his bye week this week, meaning that owners are probably going to be asking for a little less than usual. Murray will end the season as a top-5 fantasy QB, barring any injuries, and you should take advantage of him while he is still hot. He is a QB who runs like an RB, a trend we have seen grow in the NFL with guys like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Russel Wilson, making him a serious threat for any defense to handle.

Carson Wentz is a third QB who had a fantastic week 7. He tore up the Giants on TNF, throwing for 359 yards and 2 TD. He also had a rushing TD which helped bring his point-total to 27.7, making him a top 10 QB on the week. Wentz played a solid game, for the most part, the only flaw in his stat-line being an INT, but his performance was impressive considering most Eagles starters were out.

Wentz is now the 7th ranked QB in fantasy, yet he is owned in only 67.3% of leagues! He’s also playing a historically bad Cowboys defense next week in prime-time, making him an excellent play in fantasy. You should pick him up if you need a QB this week, but consider stashing him even after this week as he is averaging 28.6 over his last two weeks and could become a fantasy gem in the buildup to the playoffs.

RB: Obviously, guys like Alvin Kamara and Derrick Henry are going to help you win certain weeks, but some under the radar players may help you win a fantasy championship. One of these quiet RB’s, who had a fantastic week 7, is the Cardinals’, Chase Edmonds. Unfortunately, Kenyan Drake injured his ankle Sunday and is now expected to miss “a few weeks,” but his absence opens the door for the young Chase Edmonds. Edmonds had a great showing against the Seahawks, carrying the ball five times for 58 yards and catching all seven of his targets for 84 yards. He was bouncing off tackles left and right, simply looked like a better RB then Drake, and ended the game with an impressive 18 fantasy points.

Edmonds, now on his bye, becomes a great flex play and fringe RB2 in the coming weeks. He has the potential for some slate-breaking performances and is only owned in 68.6% of leagues on ESPN. If he is on waivers, grab him now and stash him, but if you need to trade for him, don’t be afraid to give up some good pieces to get him…It’ll pay off.

Establishing himself as Mr. Consistency of the 2020-21′ season, 28-year-old David Johnson put in another solid performance in week 7. He carried the ball 14 times for 42 yards in and had four receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown. Johnson had 14.4 points, the second-most he’s had all season, despite his lack of volume, putting together a top 15 week among RB’s.

Johnson is nothing special; He is the 16th ranked RB, his floor is 10 points, and his ceiling 16. He plays a significant role on a semi-consistent Texans offense that often find themselves behind in games. He is no longer the workhorse he used to be, and is still trying to connect with QB Deshaun Watson. Basically, Johnson is as ugly and boring a play as it gets, but since you know what you’re going to get out of him he becomes both a very reliable fantasy piece and a valuable flex play. If you need some depth or simply want a guy to fill in for players on bye, look no further than DJ. 

WR: Terry McLaurin has proven that despite catching passes from a Kyle Allen, below-average QB, and running routes against solid defenses, he is still a top 15 fantasy WR. Last week, McLaurin had seven receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown during in the Washington Football Teams’ beat down on the Cowboys. McLaurin was expected to have a strong week, mostly because he was playing the laughable Cowboy’s Defense, and he produced well above expectations, with 19.5 points, delighting fantasy owners.

McLaurin now ranks 11th among receivers but has his bye this week, meaning that he will likely drop to the 13-15 range. Nevertheless, he has great potential thanks to some fantastic future matchups, and should be someone to target no matter what. You can probably get him for cheaper than receivers of his stature since he is on the Washington Football Team and he isn’t a big name, so look to trade for him now and ride him out as a fantastic WR2.

Tee Higgins is another wide-out that I am starting to like. Last week, Higgins caught all five of his targets for 71 yards and a touchdown. He is emerging as Burrow’s second favorite target, behind Tyler Boyd, and is getting good enough volume to finish the season as a top 20 receiver. He ended the week with 16.3 points and solidified himself as a dangerous and young talent in fantasy.

It shouldn’t cost much to trade for Higgins, who can act as a flex/substitute for bye week play. I can’t imagine most owners are playing Higgins on a weekly basis, so you should seriously look to trade for him now before owners start to get attached to his talent. Higgins is a low risk-high reward kind of guy so I don’t see anything wrong with grabbing him. Also, he is only owned in 82% of ESPN leagues so if he is on waivers pick him up as fast as possible.

TE: In week 7, the TE position performed poorly yet again. Travis Kelce and George Kittle both played badly, Noah Fant and Evan Engram continued their path towards a bust season, and Rob Gronkowski led all TE’s in points…so if that doesn’t show you that the TE position sucks, I don’t know what will. Nevertheless, there was some bright spots that came out of the TE position last week.

T.J Hockenson caught the game-winning TD to help the Lions defeat the Falcons, in what was a terribly played football game. Hockenson also had five catches for 59 yards to go along with his TD, giving him 14.4 points on the week, the second-highest among TE’s.

Hockenson is now averaging 10.4 points per week and is ranked sixth at the TE position. He already had his bye and could end the season as a top-5 fantasy TE, meaning that he could be worth the risk in a trade. Picking up Hockenson might not be the best idea after his last week, as owners will be asking for tons in exchange for him, so wait a week and then buy low on him…it could pay off.

Jonnu Smith had an awful week 7, giving him two bad weeks in a row. Going into the week, Smith was already at a disadvantage since he had to face a tough Steelers Defense. We expected him to have at least 5 points, but Smith only had 1 catch for 9 yards giving him 1.4 points on the week.

If you have the option to trade for Smith, I would take it. The TE position is very weak so, if you can find a guy that averages 10+ and has a ceiling of around 16, you need to add him to your roster. Luckily, Smith checks off both those boxes, as he averages 10.7 and has scored 16+ twice already this season. Smith has already had his bye, so if you need a TE, consider trading for Smith, who’s asking price shouldn’t be that high thanks to his recent woes.

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