3 Players The Giants Should Trade At The Deadline

With the Giants noncompetitive once again this year it is time to look at the trade deadline, but who should they trade away?

The NFL trade deadline is coming up soon (November 3rd) and the Giants have already been getting calls on a few players. The Giants are not doing anything this year in terms of winning, as they are one of the worst teams in football. With a record of 1-6, the Giants are once again in contention for a top-five pick. With the trade deadline coming up, the Giants do have some pieces that they can get a pick or two for. Here are three players the Giants should trade away at the deadline.

Golden Tate
Source: Getty Images

Golden Tate

The Giants signed Golden Tate to a four-year deal last year and he had a decent first year with the team. In 2019 Tate caught 49 for 676 yards and caught 6 touchdowns. Tate is a primary slot receiver for the team and would be a great trade target for a team looking for some help in the slot. Tate has not been used a lot by the Giants this year and the biggest play of the year for him this year was beating up Jalen Ramsey after the game. If Gettleman is smart(he isn’t) he will attempt to trade away Tate for a mid-round pick to clear some cap space.

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