Yankees Must Make Top To Bottom Changes

Yankees fans are getting sick and tired of the same old stuff every year, the problems are clear but what changes need to happen?

Didi Gregorius seems to have a better handle on the Yankees front office situation than both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone.

“I don’t think they want me back in New York to be honest, right now,” Gregorius said on WFAN. And if this team had leaders that focused on priorities like signing DJ LeMahieu, we wouldn’t even be having this absurd conversation.

Gary Sanchez
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The Yankees finished the season with the worst-performing catcher in all of baseball, a sub-par rotation that could lose two more arms this offseason in Masahiro Tanaka and James Paxton while the middle infield represented one of the teams few strengths. Although Gleyber Torres has his defensive issues, he’s just 23 years old.

Cashman and Boone have shown time and time again their inability to learn from their mistakes. And if the reports of the Yankees interest in Didi are true, this situation is no different.

They reacted too late with Gary Sanchez and now they are stuck. They reacted too early with Giancarlo and are now crippled financially. This is a classic Yankee situation where they believe they made a mistake and are scrambling to try and fix it when it’s clearly too late. In reality, the only mistake they would be making is passing on DJ. And the sad reality is it would all be so they could afford Stanton’s monstrous contract.

“I think Gleyber is the future,” Gregorius said. “It was just one year and my understanding was he was hurt. I think everything will be fine with Gleyber.”

Didi is 100 percent correct. Everything will be fine with Gleyber. Management needs to realize this and focus their attention on assets that will actually improve this team’s on-field performance.

The offseason priorities should be as follows: improve pitching, find a new solution at catcher, and most importantly, re-sign LeMahieu.

Too often this team fails to see the forest for the trees and passing on DJ because of cap room when baseball has a soft cap would certainly be the last straw for many fans.

At this point, the Yankees’ lack of recent success is on the management. They have a great roster year in and year out. Certainly better than the Rays on paper. But it’s decisions like this from the front office that have cost them World Series titles during this 11-year drought.

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