Yankees: Fans Are Growing Impatient With The Organization’s Lack Of Urgency

Yet another season has gone by where the Yankees will be forced to watch a rival team in the World Series and fans have every right to be frustrated.

Yankees fans are not used to not watching their team in the World Series for over 10 years. After an unsuccessful 2020 campaign, they now haven’t even reached the Fall Classic since 2009. Understandably, fans are beginning to grow impatient and the organization’s current lack of urgency is not making the feeling much better.

The most troubling comment of all of the Yankees’ season-ending press conferences came from team owner Hal Steinbrenner when he refused to call the 2020 season a “failure”. How could this past season be considered a success in any way, shape, or form? The team severely underperformed in the regular season, injuries aside, but then completely collapsed again in the ALDS once the lights became bright. This comment just goes to show how the Yankees front office could be settling for mediocrity.

“The reality is, I look at the successes of any season and the failures of any season,” Steinbrenner said. “Overall, our objective was to win a world championship. We failed in that endeavor. Does that mean the entire season was a failure? No, I don’t think winning 10 in a row [this season] was a failure. And last year I don’t think winning (103) games was a failure. I know people disagree with me on that, but I look at the season as a whole. We failed in our objective, but there were positives and there were successes along the way.”

For those who may be questioning why I believe the Yankees lack urgency, I have an explanation. It will be crucial to see how the Yankees enter this offseason. If they go into it with the mentality of cutting payroll like many believe they will, I will officially say they are settling for mediocrity. They need to make some key moves in order to show they are once again going all-in for 2021.

They need to make a huge splash to fill the holes in their bullpen and rotation and go after headliners of the class like Trevor Bauer and Liam Hendriks. It was clear the Yankees needed to fill the holes left by Tommy Kahnle, Luis Severino, and James Paxton in their pitching staff this season and they did not. Legitimate playoff teams have a high number of arms they can trust out of the bullpen in October, not three like the Yankees had this year.

Regardless, this offseason is going to be a huge factor in the way fans view this franchise. If they do not make a huge splash to improve their pitching staff and/or deepen their lineup with fewer strikeouts, fan’s impatience will grow to an astronomical level. The Yankees have a solid core of young stars and they need to capitalize on it sooner than later.

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